Rethinking the Customer Experience

Over the past two decades, Kimberly Norton has become recognized for generating ideas that produce results. Her ability to redefine a brand experience from the customer point of view has established new industry trends in retail, entertainment and leisure. She has a unique capacity to change old paradigms while growing the equity of well-known products.

Clients include:

Ritz-Carlton Destination Club

“Kim opened my eyes to a new way of defining and delivering truly personalized vacation experiences to the Members of The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club. Her intimate knowledge of the needs and wants of the affluent consumer, along with her passion and creativity for going beyond the expected, enabled us to set a new standard for service delivery in the luxury destination club space. I highly recommend Kim if you want to set yourself apart from the competition.”

– Bob Phillips, formerly Chief Customer Officer, The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club.

The Opportunity:

The Ritz Carlton Club as it was known at that time, was a first mover in the fractional vacation ownership space. Unfortunately, the brand mojo was not reflected in the actual “member” experience. An owner/member could buy and vacation in some great locations like Aspen, Vail, San Francisco, Hawaii and Florida, but there was no integration between the name Ritz Carlton, and the promise of an intimate member experience that delivered the best that each residence location had to offer. Each member was left to experience his or her stay through trial and error. The on-site front desk person had no background data to establish a real relationship to the member.

The Solution:

Through an extensive experience architecture analysis, KNStyle was able to develop and deploy the five, trademarked, building blocks that would determine a successful member experience. By implementing these building blocks, we transformed the Ritz Carlton Club into the Ritz Carlton Destination Club. A comprehensive dossier enabled the Ladies and Gentleman (staff) to transform Owner/Membership into the ultimate localized vacation experience. Each detail in the dossier became a touchpoint to build a unique, intimate experience. There was now a connection between each member, their own individualized preferences, and the pre, during and post plan for a visit to each marquee location. This immersive revolution in Member Experience led to far greater member satisfaction, ownership referral and ultimately spend pattern increases.