The Beauty of a Smart Solution

KNStyle creates profitable solutions for brands at an elemental level, and is highly sought after by private clients and Fortune-500 companies.

With a combination of intuition and a vast array of experience, Kimberly Norton is the mind behind KNStyle. Her distinctive talent lies in her uncanny ability to see the distinct relationships that form a genuine experience for a brand, a product, a company or a home.

As an expert in residential experience development and a master of business and branding strategies, she creates successful blueprints that produce truly unique experience solutions for each client.

The evocative results of KNStyle’s design thinking is evident in the multitude of residential experiences that have been created. In recent years, Kimberly has become a “Go to” strategic advisor for companies intent on changing the paradigm of customer experience.

Kimberly’s dexterity in reinventing the way that lifestyle brands interact and transact with their customers or members can be seen in some recent work with the Ritz-Carlton Destination Club, and ESPN.


  • Identifies effective relationships between ideas and results
  • Constructs meaningful experiences that reinforce customer brand loyalty
  • Offers a curated network of resources
  • Fosters brand sustainability
  • Innovates brand strategies
  • Develops relationship marketing

Sampling of KNStyle, Inc. and CIG Clients Served

  • Ritz Carlton Destination Club
    Member Experience Plan
  • Private Retreats
    Member Experience Plan
  • Stratus Rewards
    Marketing plan, strategic business development
  • Donald Bren Co.
  • Olympia & York
  • The Koll Company
  • Ligos
    Recapitalization plan and procurement
  • Media 360 Partners
    Board development and strategic marketing
  • ESPN
    Sponsorship, production
  • Columbia Tri-Star
    Production development, marketing
  • Maier Companies
    Production companies, sponsorship
  • Sony
    Strategic marketing
  • Polygram
    Strategic marketing, brand development, co-sponsorship
    Board development, capital raise, branding