2867 Terry

The opportunity:

A well situated older home by the sea. The challenge involved how to capture the drama of ocean proximity and neighborhood allure of beautiful Victoria Beach, while creating a style and feel that was both beach and class. The existing home had an older, non-descript, wood siding and stucco appearance with some out of place old world elements. There was no privacy from the street below in the main living area and nothing felt like it went together. The Master seemed like an afterthought right by the entry, while the downstairs appeared to be an unwanted dungeon. The lighting, color scheme, floor plan, and windows/doors left the house feeling dark, schizophrenic, uninviting and exposed.  There was potential, but almost every opportunity for intrigue was missing.

The solution:

To infuse light, finish work, aesthetically pleasing colors, while also creating a sense of drama and privacy, by bringing the sea to the interior space, we removed all the displaced elements and replaced them with new and integrated features. The Master Bath became a seaside retreat. All decks and railings were reinvented to include modern use of stainless steel and glass. All-wood flooring was installed and refinished to blend seamlessly with the all white windows and doors and quartz kitchen counters.  New modern lighting was installed to bring and open, airy, yet private feel to all interior spaces. A new entry, approach, and front door finished off the intrigue by giving an occluded glimpse of what the home had to offer. By keeping and enhancing the good, and reinventing the bad, this basic old home, became a $2M family retreat at the beach.